Trends In Property Valuers To Watch

Trends In Property Valuers To Watch

To double if it’s going to grow by ten percent will your money is divided by ten percent gives you seven point two years equally if you want to know what the the rate of growths you can go years means it’s got to grow . percent per compounded correct so that’s a little rough rule of thumb that we’ve used almost daily in my career bits and we want to talk about whether or not all properties double.

In value then we do because that’s obviously what the article is about so it’s a it’s a good little piece of data capture and sort of putting some numbers out there to sort of illustrate that so we’ll obviously put the links into core logic where toucan grab this information and because obviously we’re talking about their stuff so we want to make sure that they get recognized for it we do we do so Guess the the quick answer to the long question is no yeah it sounds every property double no not in ten years you’re joking no don’t know what about in seven point two years right no no noon so if it’s if it’s seven point two years that’s growing.

A ten percent penumbra and if it’s ten years it’s going at seven point two percent per annul but item every probably doesn’t double Licensed property valuers Perth well let’s put some figures on it come on you know but am I guess the important point of what we’re trying to labor on here sum there are some properties that do yeah that’s probably you know we talk about tips and unemployment means ninety.

percent employment well if not all properties double in value there are something to do so it kind of reinforces the this study reinforces what we’ve been talking about for eighty five episodes Ben is that location does eighty percent heavy lifting yes it does absolutely a dozen so so what is interesting about that.

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