Sydney Property Valuers Is Your Worst Enemy.

Sydney Property Valuers Is Your Worst Enemy.

Actually overpaying for them because a true exchange ratio is much lower or nine-point-oh points so I knew that this was where they were going so I took a closer look at how they came there and the first thing that surprised me and this is something I’ll come back to is both Lazar and Evermore had very little discretion actually no discretion on forecasting cash flows the test evaluation both info both investment.

Banks were was based upon numbers provided to them by the Tesla board and the Tesla board providing them with two sets of numbers one from Goldman sates equity research forecasts for Tesla by Goldman sates Let you be the you know when I’m suspicious but not going Goldman acquisitiveness that’s why not Morgan Stanley why not bank of America but Goldman equity research Residential property valuation company sydney forecasts for through for Tesla and the second one is what were called the there’s I bet is actually a service that collects analysts forecast.

The second is consensus forecast I’m not sure what maybe revenues maybe net income I don’t think I best forecast actually provide details and operating expenses for testing so basically they were given these numbers potential it’s about ever cordless odds have the same numbers that’s looking Solar City the numbers were provided to have a cordless hard by Solar City again two different scenarios one assuming.

Unrestricted access to capital market sand there are other assuming restricted access to capital markets and get nothing wrong with what being made with with making two sets of judgment but the numbers are coming from Solar City it’s kind of shocking you doing a DC and the Cf comes from somebody else it’s really not your DC it’s somebody else’s this year but let’s look at the rest of the Assumption investment banks made looking at Tesla yes what Evermore assuming of course you have the ten to twelve percent cost cap.

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